We specialize in business mediation and often recommend this successful alternative to litigation. Mediation allows parties to resolve disputes through effective communication, exploration of options, negotiation, and compromise in a non-coercive manner. Through the mediation process, it is our role to facilitate communication, and identify common ground on which the parties can formulate settlement options.

Up to 80% of litigation costs can be saved by using mediation, even in complicated cases.

Parties are able to resolve their problems quickly, confidentially, and economically so both sides win. Here are some of ways we can help resolve your disputes:

  • Confidentially discuss and resolve hot button issues that interfere with agreement
  • Guide discussions so that people and issues do not become polarized
  • Encourage clear, confidential communication and teamwork
  • Engage parties in collaborative problem solving and planning
  • Bring out common interests
  • Identify the issues that need resolution
  • Create understanding of interests and positions
  • Develop visions, goals and options for mutual gain
  • Empower participants to create their own solutions