Our firm has a special expertise in corporate governance and business ethics and compliance.

We have an in-depth understanding and experience of the regulatory and compliance environment in which businesses operate counseling clients in the many facets of corporate governance and compliance.

We provide Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Legal Education solutions.

Our services feature an enterprise-based approach that combines business objectives with ethics and values principles to serve the interests of all stakeholders and build economic value.

We assist organizations in the development and implementation of compliance policies and procedures, design and develop (content and graphics) compliance programs and codes of conduct, provide independent review and evaluation of ethics, compliance and legal issues/concerns, conduct internal investigations, and advise management and boards of directors on complex amenability issues. Our services include:

  • Assessments: Compliance and Enterprise Risk Assessments
  • Development of Ethics Policies and Procedures
  • Ethics and Compliance Program Development (Codes of Conduct)
  • Internal Investigations
  • Ethics and Compliance Management System Design
  • Employee Training